Raclot Back in Business!

France, Chaumont-en-Vexin, 25th September 2020

Dear customer,

As from next week, we will be able to start our extrusion activity (profiles/gaskets) again after having suffered from a terrible fire on the 9th September. Our team is happy to be able to produce for you again and will be in a 3×8 shift in October in order to address backlogs.

As our moulding activity (sheets) is concerned, we will have one of our damaged presses repaired, the press will be back at the end of October and be as new. At the same time, we are working to outsource in order to start a few weeks before with a reduced capacity (25%).

We will keep you informed regularly (weekly) in order to give you more precise information while moving forward with the two projects.

We thank you a lot for your support, your understanding and your partnership.

Raclot rolls up its sleeves

Chaumont-en-Vexin, September 17th, 2020

A terrible fire broke out on the night of Wednesday, September 9th.
A fire that destroyed a tenth of our building, built in 2018.
The cause of this fire remains to be determined.

The molding workshop (for plates) and the finishing workshops (brushing / gluing of plates and profiles) were destroyed. The extrusion workshop was relatively spared. The warehouse, our offices, the laboratory, etc. were not affected by the fire.

We will start the extrusion workshop at the end of September. The profile finishing workshop will start a few weeks later. The start of the plate molding workshop has yet to be determined, we are working on it.
We are grateful to the firefighters who fought the blaze and we thank our customers, suppliers, partners and the various authorities who gave us their support and understanding.

We are rolling up our sleeves, helped by many companies and external teams and we will be able to serve you again very soon!

Raclot Superior Natural Rubber

With pleasure we anounce the development of a new quality of our natural rubber sheets for die cut : ‘Raclot Superior Natural Rubber’.

Raclot Superior Natural Rubber has all the mechanical properties of the existing Raclot Standard Natural Rubber, but is also certified from the German institute ISEGA for its compliance with the reglementation EC No 1935/2004, article 3 and LFGB (Lebensmittel-, Bedarfsgegenstände- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch), paragraphes 30 and 31.

Raclot Superior Natural Rubber presents therefore the same compliance ‘food contact’ as the other materials on the die cut market, maintaining the superior mechanical properties of Raclot Standard Natural Rubber at the same time. Besides Raclot Superior Natural Rubber, we will of course maintain the Raclot Standard Natural Rubber.

Feel free to contact us for more information about the new quality Raclot Superior Natural Rubber, we can produce as from now.

Gerard Bel                  +33 1 30 39 48 65        gerard.bel@raclot.com                                                        Christine Simon        +33 1 30 39 73 94        c.simon@raclot.com

Looking back on 2018

While we are about to close our factory for a well deserved holiday break, it is time for me to come back on 2018: a year that has marked RACLOT Industries forever.

This year, we have left our historical site of Brignancourt. Located in this small french village since 1912, some of our current employees have been coming to work in Brignancourt for almost 40 years. It is not without a hint of nostalgia that we are closing a chapter in the history of our company.

When a door closes, another one opens. Sometimes metaphorically, sometimes literally:  Proudly installed in our new factory in Chaumont-en-Vexin, about 15km from Brignancourt, we are resolutely turning towards the future. A future under the sign of ambition. We are now locked and loaded to fulfill our ambition of better serving our clients, grow with them and defend our position on the markets that we serve. In other words, we are putting our money where our mouth is: we are on a mission to become or remain your reliable, competent and long term
privileged business partner.

I would like to congratulate the entire workforce here at RACLOT that have worked relentlessly to make this new factory a reality. Thanks to their hard work, that has been ongoing for over a year now, we have been able to restart our production with just 2 days of delay.

From all of us here at RACLOT, I would like to wish you happy holidays and a well deserved rest.

It will be our continuous pleasure to serve you again in 2019!

We have resumed production: welcome to our new factory !

We have restarted our production ! The sheet workshop is up and running in our new plant and all the machines have been put in place and are ready to roll! For you, our clients, this means that the slightly extended time of production in the summer is over. We are back on our regular schedule !

We hope to serve you soon in our brand new facility!

For a full size picture, please click here.

For a full size picture, please click here.

PFor a full size picture, please click here.

For a full size picture, please click here.

News from the “front” & summer closure

The construction of our new plant is rapidly advancing. We are proud to show you the outsline of our office facility as well as the delivery dock !

We will be able to move according to plan! We will close and move on workshop at the time and the moving period will extend through both July and August. This being said, you, our valued customer, will not note any difference when compared to the previous years. Indeed, each workshop will be closed for a maximum of 3 weeks, as you may now be familiar with during the summer time. We will be able to honor our usual summer-related delivery times that you expect during the summer months.

The administrative offices will be closed August 9th-20th.

To zoom in, please click here.

To zoom in, please click here.

To zoom in, please click here.

To zoom in, please click here.

Our new plant is popping out !

It is no longer a simple grouping of plans, sketches or computer based simulations: our new plant is popping out of the ground ! It is is with great pride that we see our offices and workshops taking shape a little bit more every day. The moving is still planned for the month of august and should not impact our reactivity and order output towards our clients. Please join me in crossing fingers that the weather in the French Vexin region will continue to be on our side in the next couple months!

Heads-up: we will be closed for the holidays

In Europe, as it is the case in many places in the world, december means holidays. At RACLOT we do not make exception and thus we would like to let you – client, provider, partner – know that we will be closed from december 22nd at 6pm until january 2nd included. Our activities will restart on January 3rd 2018 according to our regular schedule !

In the meantime, i am joinging myself to the rest of our RACLOT staff to wish you a fruitful end of the year and best of luck for closing your books, an ever so stressful period!

Our new website !

It is with great delight, that the entire RACLOT team joins me to present our new website ! Our new website wants to maximise its efficiency: your time is precious and the information you are seeking can be found in just a few clicks!

Light, breathing and easy to read, you will not have to navigate through text-loaded pages and fineprints. In a few seconds, you will find your information and with Raclot: what you see is what you get. In a few seconds you can find all the relevant info, along with images that, as they say (and they whoever they are, are right) are worth 1000 words.

We are delighted to count you on our new digital journey and please, feel welcomed at RACLOT – We make your rubber, flexibly.

Welcome Antonin and Garance

Our team at Raclot is happy to welcome some new blood ! Two young employees have joined the ranks:

  1. Antonin Pradon is a young engineer from the ICAM engineering school in Lille (northern France) who will be working as an expat part-time employee to help RACLOT in its developments in India. Antonin will quickly be tested in his new lifestyle, on both personnal and professionnal accounts.
  2. Garance Hurisse is a young student in Client Relations and Negociations from the IFCAE and is doing a part-school part-work alternate training. Garance will be responsible to support the sales and sales adminstrative operations in order to help increase our flexibility and reactivity towards our clients.

From all of us here at RACLOT we welcome Antonin and Garance amongst us!