Industrial containers

We offer a wide variety of rubber gaskets to fit all your types of lids and will ensure the sealing property of your products.

We are able to offer you gaskets in cellular rubber (open-cell foam), compact rubber (solid rubber), and co-extruded bi-material rubber.

We can design a product tailored to your needs by adapting form and formulation of our rubber. This will allow us to reach the characteristics required and to prepare the gasket in lengths, rings, …

Our sealing gaskets have very little remanent deformation,
even with a permanent crushing of 50%.

All our profiles are available in
FDA-approved (Food and Drug Administration)
version and will be delivered in beige color.


Circular cross-section gaskets in celullar rubber

Our ropes are available in a continuous array of diameters and hardness.

Availability :

  • EPDM, NR et NBR (black color)
  • EPDM in its FDA-approved version (beige color)

and lipped gaskets

in cellular rubber

For a perfect sealing property of liquid-containing containers that will adapt to the profile of your application.

Availability :

  • EPDM, NR et NBR (black color)
  • EPDM in its FDA-approved (beige color)

Bi-material gaskets

Co-extruded cellular and compact rubber gaskets

Owner of our formulation, we can offer co-extruded (cellular and compact) gaskets for your specific application.