We design rubber sheets destined for the cutting of shoe soles for foot wellness in sports and leisure.

Made from natural cellular rubber, our sheets posses a strong mechanical resistance and are shock absorbent. They will bring you the comfort level required in the toughest of situations, while remaining aesthetical.

Our sheets have, what we call, miniature open-cells. This has two main advantages. On one hand, it prevents the rubber to collapse as it is sometimes seen with closed-cell sheets and on the other hands it allows our sheet to remain visualy impeccable. Our products differ themselves on both accounts: mechanical properties (longevity, elasticity,…) and aesthetics.

Owner of our formulations, we can develop sheets answering your specific needs. We have developed a wide range of sheets with various densities, dimensions, thicknesses, hardnesses and colors. With over hundreds of combination possible, we are bound to have what you need. Nevertheless, should it not be the case, our engineering team – of specialists in rubber application – is at your service. We are close than you think!

 We can gladly send you fact sheets on our products. Below is an example of dozens of fact-sheets that we are able to provide you with. 

Fact-sheet on RACLOT rubber Sheets

The sheets you see above have been specificaly developed for podiatry. The upper side of the sheets shows you the inside of our sheets, from which you can detect the aesthetical design of our ‘miniature’ open cell sheets.