Die Cutting and Die Making

We have developed a range of natural rubber sheets, specialized for the ejection of pieces cut with of flat and rotary die-cutting tools.

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Owner of our formulations, we have developed a range of natural rubber sheets specialized for die-cutting and die-making ejection for the packaging industry. This applies for both flat and rotary die cutting tools. Our sheets have an open-cell structure, which prevents the sheet from collapsing under pressure, which is something that can be observed with closed-celles (they are more likely to collapse due to pressure, in the same way a bubble-pack would pop). Our products differentiate themselves by their excellent mechanical properties (elasticity, longevity, …)

We produce a wide range of rubber sheets of various dimensions, tehickness, densities and hardnesses, in a wide variety of color. We have over a hundred of combination to choose from. Nevertheless, should this still not be good enough for you, we will work with you to develop the sheet you are looking for.


– 15 ShA (62 Sh00)

– 20 ShA (70 Sh00)

– 25 ShA (76 Sh00)

– 30 ShA (80 Sh00)

– 35 ShA (83 Sh00)

– 40 ShA (86 Sh00)

* Each hardness comes with a tolerance of +/- 5 ShA  


– 1000mm x 1000mm

– 1230mm x 1410 mm

– 914mm x 914mm (36-inchx 36-inch) (if volumes are high enough to develop the according tooling)

Sheets can be cut in half or quarter sheets if required.

* For each dimension, sheets are available in a continuous array of thickness that ranges from 2mm to 23mm (1/16-inch to 7/8-inch)


With our own formulation and depending on thickness and hardness desired, we can offer sheets that have a density varying from 250 kg/m3 to 1000 kg/m(15.61 lb/ft3 to 62.4 lb/ft3).

With our sheets in sponge material we can reach a density as low as 160 kg/m(10.0 lb/pi3).


– Light and dark grey (base color)

– Red

– Green

– Blue

– Orange

– Brown

– Black

– Skin color

We can gladly send you fact sheets on our products. Below is an example of dozens of fact-sheets that we are able to provide you with.

Fact-sheet on RACLOT rubber Sheets