Vacuum lifting

We design and manufacture sealing gaskets for vacuum lifting shoes.

Owner of our formulation, we can produce sealing gaskets for vacuum lifting purposes in various densities, flexibilities and hardness. We own two ranges of products:


Natural rubber foam material, cut in molded plates of various thicknesses, that can be from a single layer (on the left) or can be laminated (on the right), butt-glued if you do require such finishing operation for your needs.

Extruded gaskets

Continuously extruded gaskets (in cellular EPDM), which allows to cut the products in the exact lengths and cross-section design as required by your operation. This allows to exclude lamination and butt-gluing.

The image above shows our natural rubber foam bands.

The image above shows our extruded gaskets presenting groves. Groves are an option, but any profile you required can be engineered.