Die Cutting and Die Making

We have developed a range of natural rubber sheets, specialized for the ejection of pieces cut with of flat and rotary die-cutting tools.

Owner of our formulations, we have developed a range of natural rubber sheets specialized for die-cutting and die-making ejection. This applies for both flat and rotary die cutting tools. Our sheets have an open-cell structure, which prevents the sheet from collapsing under pressure, which is something that can be observed with closed-celles (they are more likely to collapse due to pressure, in the same way a bubble-pack would pop). Our products differentiate themselves by their excellent mechanical properties (elasticity, longevity, …)

We produce a wide range of rubber sheets of various dimensions, tehickness, densities and hardnesses, in a wide variety of color. We have over a hundred of combination to choose from. Nevertheless, should this still not be good enough for you, we will work with you to develop the sheet you are looking for.

We can gladly send you fact sheets on our products. Below is an example of dozens of fact-sheets that we are able to provide you with. 

Fact-sheet on RACLOT rubber Sheets