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the right profile for rubber processing

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Compact and cellular sheets

Method :
 compression moulding

  • Wide range of density.
  • Colours : Full range of colours.
  • Standard range as well as products developed for customised requirements to your specification.
  • Splitting, Slitting
  • Cutting and Adhesive Coating

Application for sheets :

Automotive IndustryplaquesmouleesDashboard Components, Acoustic and Anti-vibration Gaskets and Packing

Blocking pieces, Ejector Rubber, Pull-Band

Door and Window Seals, Axle Box Parts, etc

Construction Industry
Sealing and Expansion Joints, Door and Window Insulation.

Protective Equipment Foam.

General Industrial industriels
Hand Tools, Ceramic "Slip", Labelling Machines, Pipeline Pigs, Vacuum Grips, etc...

Prothesis protection equipment foam, Orthopaedic equipment.


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